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Press Release

Inauguration of Bank Asia’s Agent Banking Outlet at Bandar



Inauguration of Bank Asia's Agent Banking Outlet at Bandar

Bank Asia has launched an agent banking outlet in the area adjacent to the Railway Line Library at Ward No. 21, NCC to provide banking services to the residents of the port area of Bandar, Narayanganj.

The state-of-the-art agent banking outlet was inaugurated at 11 am on Sunday (October 31) at the initiative of Bandar Thana Chhatra League president and Bandar Islamia Fazil Madrasa president Nazmul Hasan Arif.
After the inauguration, a discussion meeting was held at the New Bank auditorium.

Chairman of Bandar Upazila Parishad and President of Upazila Awami League Freedom fighter Alhaj MA Rashid was present as the chief guest at the inaugural function presided over by Abdur Rab Labu Master and chaired by 21st Ward Councilor Alhaj Hannan Sarkar.
Mahabubul Hasan, Head of Agent Banking, Bank Asia was present as the special guest.

Among others, heroic freedom fighter Alhaj A. Aziz, heroic freedom fighter Nazimuddin Master, president of Hafezibagh Panchayat Committee Alhaj Abul Khair, principal of Bandar Madrasa Sheikh Ataullah, vice president Md. Shahidul Islam, Nur Mohammad Banker, headmaster of 9 Nong Bandar Colony Govt. Prymary school, Abdul Halim, Shahjahan Sikder, Aftab Uddin, Md. Anwar Hossain, Md. Siddiqur Rahman, Sheikh Kamal, Mehedi Hasan, and others.

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Press Release

P.P.G. Works Completes Extruder Industrial Gearbox Repair In Record Time For Customer



PPG Works

P.P.G. Works assures premium quality and faster gearbox repair services with the help of cutting-edge tools and a highly experienced team of technicians.

Houston, TX, October 11, 2021: Houston-based renowned gearbox repair company, P.P.G. Works, has taken the gearbox repair world by storm lately by completing a complicated industrial gearbox (Extruder) repair project in record time for a customer. The company is widely revered as one of the top leaders in the industrial gearbox repair scene, and the latest feat propels P.P.G. Works to be the one-stop go-to company for industrial gearbox repair in the country. P.P.G. Works has experience repairing all kinds of gears, including cast iron, steel, bronze, brass, and worn gears.

P.P.G. Works is available 24/7/365 days and is flexible for prompt emergency service.

“It’s a pleasure to share with you all that we have recently completed an Extruder industrial gearbox repair for a customer in record time. Our client was delighted, and it felt great to not only meet but also exceed the expectations of our clients”, stated the leading spokesperson from P.P.G. Works.

What keeps P.P.G. Works ahead of the curve is its investment in the most state-of-the-art tools and techniques, as well as a seasoned and highly trained team of technicians. The company has been in business for more than 35 years now and can handle all kinds of gearbox repair needs- no matter how complex it is.

“Our highly experienced team of technicians deploys only the latest machine tools which help them to complete the job faster, and that too with the assurance of industry-leading quality. We also ensure prompt, responsive times so that our clients can have their gearbox up and running as soon as possible.”

The spokesperson stressed that unlike regular gearbox repair companies that often advise buying a whole new gearbox while approached with a gearbox problem- P.P.G. Works mainly attempts to settle the matter with quality repair work to ensure a relatively economical option for the customers.

The company offers a comprehensive gearbox repair service, starting from cleaning to inspection to repair. P.P.G. Works also helps prepare gearboxes for long-term storage and gearbox reconditioning with 24 months of warranty.

“No gearbox is irreparable or scrap to us. We hold skill levels on two shifts and cutting-edge machine capabilities to handle even the most complicated repairs. Unlike most of our competitors, we won’t force you to waste money on a whole new gearbox when there is a complex problem- rather, we would try our best to repair the issue, saving up to 60% from O.E.M. for our clients. All our repair projects are carried out based on the manufacturer’s original specifications, and we use genuine spare parts wherever possible.”

P.P.G. Works is compatible to work on the industrial gearbox of almost all major models and brands, such as Lufkin, Davis-Standard, The Horsburgh & Scott, Waukesha Cherry-Burrell, Lighting, and so on.


About P.P.G. Works


Operating since 1985, P.P.G. Works is an esteemed machine, grinding, and welding company that specializes in repairing gearbox and rebuilding the majority of industrial equipment for a wide range of industries, ranging from an oil field, recycling plants, cement, power plant, sand & gravel, rubber, plastic manufacturing plants, and so on.

For more information, please visit




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